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“Stay close to anything that makes you glad you are alive.”

 Hafiz (via dirkshades)

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Dunno if anyone’s interested in these, but this was my latest assignment for CGMA’s Art of Color and Light class- this past week focused on how light interacts with different materials.

It’d be cool to try some different skin tones, I just used my own pasty hand for reference. Maybe even an alien species with non-red blood, so the occlusion shadow glows a different color where light passes through? Would it be purple for Namekians and green for Vulcans? (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ possibilities

Also, the iridescent pearl wasn’t a requirement, but I enjoy Sailor Moon and suffering. If anyone’s got pointers on iridescence, I am all ears over here, because I clawed my way through that one screaming


"Tangled" concept art by Paul Felix (x)

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I don’t know anymore…

1) Sebastian Stan + Misha Collins

2) Chris Evans + Jensen Ackles

Holy moley

I’m hooked and I can’t stop starin’




Israeli Soldiers stop Palestinian school-girls from going to school, Al Khalil-Hebron. You don’t want us to go to school, fine we’ll have school here. 

Still winning ladies

So much respect for these amazing young women.




name one fragrance commercial that has ever made sense

wat are u talking about they all make scents

shut the fuck up

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omg i was fooling around with gif making and the loop makes it look like they’re playing a really intense game of frisbee.


so sanrio has been releasing short cartoons of this character that is literally a lethargic egg yolk and i am in love

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